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Evaluation a movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Evaluation a movie - Essay Exampleng, imaginative direction, able performances and stunning visual effects which have all contributed to create a unique impression on the viewer’s mind.Christopher Nolan has written and directed Inception. The film’s chief protagonist, the thief: Dom Cobb (enacted by Leonardo DiCaprio) is endowed with a special power of invading people’s dreams and stealing their ideas. Instead of stealing things, he steals people’s visions. Cobb is able to enter the subconscious levels of the mind of his victims and gather information about their deepest thoughts, ideas and imaginations. Therefore, he is a valued resource in the domain of corporate spying activities since Cobb can access information which cannot be gathered by even computer hackers. However, by a sudden turn of events, the thief loses all his possessions. In a frantic effort to seek redemption, Cobb engages himself in a final mission along a group of specialists. However, this time they are require to implant an idea in a human mind instead of stealing one from it.

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