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Choice of Final Products and Ingredients

For my final product I have chosen to make Pork and Apple Turnovers as in Objective three they proved to best meet my specifications and appealed the most to my target audience. In this objective I modified my choice of product and have added more fruit to the final product so as it can best fit with my brief and encourage people to eat more fruitThis table on the next page will show the ingredients that I will be using in my final product with reasons why. I have also added a table to show what equipment I will be using and why.Pork sausage meatAppleOnionPlain white flourMargarineWaterSalt and pepperThis ingredient was for the flavour of my turnover. It created the odour of the final product and gave the appearance of the filling.Adds colour and texture to the product and providing it with a sweet odour. I chose apple as it was a popular fruit for my target group and I need to encourage them to consume more fruit.Adds a contrasting taste to the product and gives the product a better texture.

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